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        Mold design steps
        2013-09-11 14:46:10

        1 , for the products of the mold design feasibility analysis , computer chassis , for example, the first drawings of each component product assembly using the design software for analysis , which we mentioned in the work sets of plans to ensure that each product in the mold design drawings before correctness on the other hand can be familiar with the various components of the importance of the entire chassis to identify key dimensions , so that the mold design is very good , specific sets of plans do not detail the method here described .

        2 , the product of the work to be carried out after the product analyzed what kind of mold structure , processes and products row , workers rushed to determine the contents of each process , and expand the use of design software products , the product is deployed generally from follow-up project launched forward , such as a product requirement of five processes , stamping been completed when the product is deployed from the beginning to the four engineering product drawings , three projects, two projects, one project , and expand the copy after a graphic before then a project to start work , to complete the five projects to start work product , and then meticulous work, note that this step is very important, and need special care , this is done well, it would draw the stencil will save a lot of time , for each project to determine the content of the press after a good , including molding , the product material thickness and external lines retained to determine the size of punch and die used for product expansion method is not described here , will commence in the product Intro method .

        3, the preparation, by product expansion plan for preparation, determined in the drawing template size , including the fixed plate , stripper plate , punch and die , inserts , etc., pay attention to the figure directly in the product expansion for preparation , so that the map is drawn mold great benefit , I've seen a lot of mold designers expanded view directly on the product preparation for manual calculations , this method too inefficient to draw directly on the drawing template sizes to form assembly diagram representation , one can complete the preparation, all the other parts of the work in the mold omitted a lot of work , because the work of the various components drawn simply by adding drawings preparation positioning pins, guide posts, screw holes can be.

        4, in the preparation into the mold after the completion of a comprehensive mapping, in preparation drawings reproduced out a copy for each component rendering, such as adding screw holes, guide post holes , positioning holes and other holes , and punching die cut various holes required to wear silk thread holes in the mold , the upper and lower mold forming gap must not forget , these products after the completion of a mold figure has almost 80% complete , while in figure drawing dies the process should pay attention : each process , the producer , such as bench marking , cutting lines until the process has a complete different processes make a good layer , so that the wire cutting and drawing management have great benefits, such as the separation of colors , size label is also a very important job , but also one of the most troublesome , because a waste of time .

        5 , in the above drawing is complete, in fact, can not issue drawings, drawings of the mold needs to proofread all parts assembly , each a different mold plates made ​​of different layers , and on the same basis as the guide post holes until analysis of the mold assembly and expanded view of each process set into the product assembly diagram, ensure consistent template holes and bend position with the upper and lower die gap is correct.


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