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        Mold design and manufacturing considerations
        2013-09-11 14:54:07

        A . Glue bit check
        Check the adhesive level is uniform, as it will cause uneven shrinkage and affect appearance.

        Two . OK parting with draft angles
        1 Select the parting surface projected on the mold opening direction maximum possible simplification

        (2) wear a bit touch : touch as much as possible after the mold , such as to touch the former model , easy going burr , affecting the appearance , the use of surface contact.

        3 pillow bits: pillow 5-8 mm , and then type surface is flush with the Oita , glue bit partial pull 3 degrees , 3 degrees or pull back to avoid empty .

        4 inserted through the bit : the use of side work , pulling three degrees , generally do inserts .

        III. Draft Principles
        1: Less glue directions draft.

        2: The maximum shaft end for the product size , pore size for the product category smallest side .

        Four . 2D Mirror
        2D must pay attention to the mirror and put the shrink, if I forget this step , most of the mold scrapped .

        Five . Shrink
        Shrinkage small products (5 ‰ less ) may experience put shrink , shrinkage great products, such as a can also be put up 18 ‰ 20 ‰ 22 ‰ can be put even more products , be sure to seek the views of responsible person alive again , avoid dimensions do not coincide with complementary products .

        VI. Sprue should coaxial eccentric KO
        Seven . Line position points
        A general use Bevel Pillar for power, a relatively small core pulling away with a T-shaped slot , with more than 30mm core pulling cylinder .

        (2) the angle of bevel pillar angle smaller than shovels 2-3 degrees .

        3 After the mold line position into the front mold half more than the total height can dispense with shovels , to make use of the former mold machining surface pressure surface .

        4 OK bit wider than 100mm, try to use two inclined guide post, more than 150mm in the middle of the guide groove .

        5 line-bit positioning: do not try to Boyjazz Pinball ( force is not big enough ) , with a screw positioning .

        6 lines located at TOP , be sure to put a spring , or the finish line bit mode due to gravity , not a result of homing crashed .

        7 mold opening direction of the projection, such as line position beneath a slant or a thimble , to set the first reset mechanism , or they may line position with the lifter or thimble will produce interference .

        8 -bit line with walking , walking beer handles, plastic bag in straight body out .

        9 line digital journey should be greater than buckle Bits 2 to 3mm, cylinder stroke buckle bit should be greater than 10mm.

        10 In order to increase the firmness of shoveling machine , try to do a backhoe .

        Eight . Slant design elements
        1 slant generally do 3-8 °, of not more than 15 °.

        2 Ejector stroke is generally greater than buckle -bit 0.5-1mm.

        3 Ejection Direction : plastic bit should be flat or up , or do delay the lifter .

        Slant width comparison hours, ejector plate to increase a frame, so that the lifter height shortened to ensure strength .


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