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        Visual detection technology used in automotive assembly line
        2013-09-11 14:55:08

        In the automobile assembly line, industrial machine vision technology can provide many tools to help detect the production subsystem, the correct parts for the automotive assembly ready. Vision applications systems from light and size change impacts matching pattern and with / without tool, it is ideal positioning assembly line and parts identification tools. Edge detection tools

        This tool can be detected in the scanning direction generated by the light intensity, degree of change after calibration, can make most of the calculation and measurement tasks become very simple. Data acquisition software can collect dozens or even hundreds of data points, and then connecting these points into a straight line, circle, or other geometric shapes, this function in complex automotive production greatly improve the measurement accuracy and repeatability. In addition, a strong tool versatility proper positioning can also solve the opening direction or angle, diameter, cut marks, bulge, bend alignment of objects or the like. Automotive production process neutron production line tasks is usually very large and very complex, such as production lines each sliver often produce many different models of cars, often assembled with a variety of assembly line in the air conditioning control systems, airbags and navigation and other aspects of institutional nuances of the car. This complexity will greatly increase the cost of artificial parts assembly time, and because of people's physical and energy reasons, but also prone to mistakes.


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