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        How to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
        2013-09-11 14:56:01

        Competitiveness is a participant two or more parties compete or compare the reflected comprehensive ability. It is a relative indicator , can be manifested through competition , generally speaking competitiveness of some small strong or weak . But really to accurately measure out is more difficult , especially the competitiveness of enterprises . Competitiveness of the object displayed in the competition capacity . So it is a changing as competition has the ability to reflect through the competition . Competitiveness now contained in the object , but it can demonstrate the ability of the next object . To determine the competitive need to determine a measured target time .
            If you do business will lose its competitiveness edge of the verge of collapse , businesses how to improve their competitiveness in their respective fields to flex its muscles occupy their own market share. Take the auto parts enterprises, China 's auto parts industry can be said to take place the day overturned earth changes. Many large and small auto parts enterprises have grown up , but as the industry continues to develop strong , companies in the development process is gradually revealed part of the problem . Although many industry experts and experienced professionals have said corporate restructuring , the industry reshuffle is to raise the height of the entire industry the best way . If the industry to get rid of small, scattered , chaotic situation , of course, can increase the height of the entire industry . But leave the enterprise , the more competition is increasingly fierce. So, how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises will be all on the agenda.
            Exactly which aspects of the enterprise to enhance their competitiveness :
            A brand image
            Auto parts industry many enterprises, there are many brands which are known to everyone , there is no shortage of world-renowned multinational and domestic well-known brand of components . Let more people know , know and understand their own brand is the first enterprise to users . The prerequisite is the enterprise must safeguard its own brand image , whether it is products, quality, service, reputation must pass the case to the road to success . On the contrary , it is shooting itself in the foot.
            Second, product quality
            Enhance the core competitiveness is the development of a way out , and constantly improve their core competitiveness is one of the reasons . Indeed, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is a solid foundation for business success . But the product also decide crucial step for enterprise development , product quality clearance must be under the premise of products subject to the user's favorite to get the long-term development .
            Third, the core technology
            Parts enterprises specializes in development over the past single or small assembly parts products , many companies are now developing unconventional ideas and models , the implementation of systems development , the pursuit of modular supply , improve the technical level , increase product added value. Again, parts enterprises changing relationship with the automobile companies . The past is doing everything possible to obtain the vehicle parts business enterprises supporting parts orders, automobile companies are now active choice of competitive parts developers undertake development tasks , to achieve synchronous development . Vehicle and parts enterprises are no longer simply supporting and being supporting relationship, but as partners.
            Technology transfer mode and route changes. Past a single enterprise products and the introduction of foreign technology and equipment , it is now focusing on the introduction of foreign advanced development techniques. Meanwhile , to borrow the "brain " , the introduction of " intelligence " through "research" created with innovative technology centers , thus speeding up new product development speed.
            Fourth, after-sales service
            Given the current fierce competition in the domestic car market and irregularities , the State Administration for Industry , Ministry of Transport , AQSIQ recently released three ministries on " car sales practices to further strengthen quality supervision and automotive accessories work notice" ( referred to as " " notice " " ) . "Notice" that , in order to further strengthen the automobile and auto parts sales Conduct quality control , maintenance, automotive market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers , to promote the automobile industry and the steady and rapid economic development, and will strengthen supervision and law enforcement efforts to exclude auto sales production and business activities in emerging production , sale and use of counterfeit auto parts, and auto sales behavior in false propaganda , commercial bribery, consumer fraud phenomenon. Therefore, parts enterprises to become bigger and stronger it must do service in this part , there is an old saying Tongsouwuqi to NCKU business, doing business have real good . Moreover, word of mouth but also to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises an important part of one of the service attitude is good and handled properly, naturally there will be companies loyal Fans and the emergence of new users .


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