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    1. 久久亚洲精品无码av大香大香
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      1. Product search:
        Product List
        >> Besturn X80 series
        >> Besturn B90 series
        >> Besturn B70 13 paragraph 1.8F Series
        >> Besturn B70 10 Series models
        >> Besturn B70 series
        >> Besturn B50F series
        >> Besturn B50 series
        >> FAW Oulang Series Field
        >> Jinan Heavy Truck N70 Series
        >> Red Audi Series
        >> Hongqi Century Star Series
        >> Bora, Audi A6 series
        >> Mazda M6, M3, M2 Series
        >> Modern series
        >> Mercedes-Benz Series
        >> Chery series
        >> Other series
        >> Big Truck Series
          About us
            Changzhou Tianzuo Mould Technology Co.,Ltd Established in 1994, is a professional development and production of high-grade sedan injection mold and plastic parts production of high-tech enterprises. Over the years, the company Heiner senior personnel, introduce advanced production equipment, and forming a line with their own development management system. Has with China FAW, Shandong Huatai Hyundai, Shenyang Shun, Anhui Huayang sentinel famous OEMs developing and supporting the production, development and production in the field of mold and establish a good brand and corporate image.
            The company has more than one hundred employees, of whom a college education 16 senior engineers, engineers 25. Existing scale with mold processing center, mold workshop, electrical processing workshop, injection workshop, assembly workshop, a large modern integrated logistics, warehousing and office. Mold and die machining center CNC gantry milling workshop with SP3016 one, BM1600 Series CNC milling a desk, BM850 Series CNC milling a table, domestic CXB4450 Series CNC milling a table, coordinate measuring instrument (2000X1200X1500) a table, CNC EDM cutting machine four, precision CNC EDM cutting machine two sets, two sets of three-dimensional profiling and milling, drilling two sets, a lathe, a universal tool grinder such as mold processing and manufacturing equipment. 2400T injection molding workshop with Haitian injection molding machine, one Taiwan, Chen De 1600T injection molding machine, one Taiwan, Chen De 300T injection molding machine, Borch BT10V molding machine, Borch 650T injection molding machine, one Taiwan, and Hong Kong Gas Company CN-FX-shop 1 Type Shop machine.
            Since 1994, the company is China FAW Car Company Red Flag Mingshi car bumper covering parts and many other products exclusive development and production supporting manufacturers. Existing multiple product series, over a hundred kinds of products. Company attaches particular importance to product quality, the use of fixed-point detection recognition and exclusive materials specified production methods, the company not only took the lead through ISO9000-2000 international quality and QS9000-1998 international quality certification, and acceptance of the company FAW specific quality management system for review. Over the years, has won the "quality of trust and adaptability to the market faster supporting enterprise", "corporate credit rating of AAA", "AA grade enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "Chinese quality, service, AAA grade credit enterprise" and other honorary titles.
            To the "pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of technological innovation" as enterprise development, the inherent power to "QOS double satisfaction" as a corporate firm goal. Continue to provide customers with cost-effective products; continue to provide customers with comprehensive, professional technical support and timely and thoughtful after sales service. Company uphold honest, mutual benefit and common development principles, willing to work with friends to establish long-term, stable, sincere cooperation, work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!


        Address:Changzhou Xiaohe Industrial Zone, Fu Ping Road 26 Phone:0519-83244950 83244958
        Fax:0519-83244499Changzhou Tianzuo Mould Technology Co.,LtdAll Rights Reserved