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    1. 久久亚洲精品无码av大香大香
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      1. Product search:
        Products      Professional development and production of high-grade car plastic parts injection molds and production of high-tech enterprises!                

        Product List
        >> Besturn X80 series
        >> Besturn B90 series
        >> Besturn B70 13 paragraph 1.8F Series
        >> Besturn B70 10 Series models
        >> Besturn B70 series
        >> Besturn B50F series
        >> Besturn B50 series
        >> FAW Oulang Series Field
        >> Jinan Heavy Truck N70 Series
        >> Red Audi Series
        >> Hongqi Century Star Series
        >> Bora, Audi A6 series
        >> Mazda M6, M3, M2 Series
        >> Modern series
        >> Mercedes-Benz Series
        >> Chery series
        >> Other series
        >> Big Truck Series
        About us                                                                                             

            Changzhou Tianzuo Mould Technology Co.,Ltd established in 1994, is a professional development and production of high-grade sedan injection mold and plastic parts production of high-tech enterprises. Over the years, the company Heiner senior personnel, introduce advanced production equipment, and forming a line with their own development management system. Has with China FAW, Shandong Huatai Hyundai, Shenyang Shun, Anhui Huayang sentinel famous OEMs developing and supporting the production, development and production in the field of ......[More]

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          Mold design steps [2013-09-11 14:46:10]
          Kaiyi Mould Co., Ltd. [2013-09-11 14:44:22]

        Changzhou Tianzuo Mould Technology Co.,Ltd
        Telephone:0519-83244950 83244958
        Phone:13606126631(Chen Manager)
        Address:Changzhou Xiaohe Industrial Zone, Fu Ping Road 26

        Address:Changzhou Xiaohe Industrial Zone, Fu Ping Road 26 Phone:0519-83244950 83244958
        Fax:0519-83244499Changzhou Tianzuo Mould Technology Co.,LtdAll Rights Reserved